Monday, June 6, 2011

I am also adopting 48 hour reader Erin (Sparrow) and adding her books to my total for the food bank.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Kristin's 48 Hour Book Challenge

My friend and colleague Kristin "Blue Castle" is reading and blogging for 48 straight hours. I have pledged $1.00 a book for every book she reads! My charity is Living Water Food Pantry...You GO GIRL!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Thing 23-Thoughts and future

As I finished the last of the exercises today, I was most impressed with the spirit of cooperation that the 23 Things project engendered in everyone at Kent Island working on these blogs. My coworkers pulled me through just as I said in an earlier post...they didn't let me get discouraged when I forgot passwords or just how certain sites required a log-in. If I couldn't do an upload, someone helped me with the steps again. Sometimes I felt as if every "Thing" was the first "Thing" ...and I would always make the same mistakes over and over.

My favorite discoveries: Pandora is tops! I love having my music my way when I am making dinner or reading email at home. Not possible for work.

Other sites that I will use now include and the feeds on my bloglines I have a daily Dilbert!

I would definitely attempt another learning experience like 23 things...I looked at 43 things and discovered that we've all done more than we realized...much more than just 23! I will also go back and work with Flickr and other picture sites since they gave me the most grief in the exercises.

Thing 22-Downloadable audiobooks

Our library provides NetLibrary audiobooks and I have had a subscription since the service started. The most difficult thing about the downloadables has been coordinating compatibility with windows media and mp3 players. It is also hard to make patrons understand why NetLibrary doesn't work with iPod.

I went through the overview of the Overdrive. Quite a nice product and looks relatively user friendly. But the limits for library circulations seem a little arbitrary since we are not talking about possession of a physical book.

We have used and recommended Project Gutenburg for years. I download books and read on my laptop computer. Just recently I read Narrative of the Captivity and Restoration of Mary Rowlandson from the Gutenburg website. We always suggest going to Gutenburg when the holds list on the High School summer reading classics gets too long! I would like to own an e-book reader, but so far my computer works well...

Also fun: Google books...I have found some really wonderful old genealogy and local history books full text on their site. You can get an account and search on full text for all manner of books.

Thing 21-podcasts

I looked at the podcast search tools. The explanations and faqs page on the Yahoo! podcast site was very helpful. The search was also easy to use. gave me my best Teddy Bear hit (and a commercial for Vermont Teddy Bears)...I also found SchleppCast on podcast alley. I used the podcast alley category searches for podcasts on knitting, sewing and genealogy. This site listed some very nice instructional podcasts. On the Merlin page, I found the SirsiDynix institute extremely informative. (They also had many other free items of interest.)

Ice fishing Sebago Lake Maine

When I was a little girl many years ago, I went ice fishing here with my father, my brother Charlie, my grandfather, Uncle Bill, and cousins Steve and Bill. My brother Roy was just a baby so he stayed in the camp with the ladies. I was glad not to be a lady then. I really liked the iceboats, but only the older BOYS used them at that time. I had to be content with white ice skates. The only fish I caught was pike.

Thing 20-video sharing

YouTube can really absorb hours in a flash. I spent quite a long time last night exploring Library and Librarians on the eye-opening experience...from Conan the Librarian to serious profiles of professionals to the sexy librarians. I even found singing Library Cats who wail about returning library books.

Quality is really quite mixed. But overall the sites are fun. When I used the Google video search, I was surprised at how many of the hits were on YouTube performances. So far I haven't found anything I like well enough to upload to my blog. I intend to keep playing until I find something suitable.